Tax Services

As part of the National family of companies, Gilman Ciocia is committed to helping our clients take the most tax efficient approach to financial planning. We provide an entire team focused on implementing a sound, well thought out financial strategy to minimize your tax liabilities, maximize your investment returns and protect your family’s financial security.

Planning vs. Preparation

Our goal is to help you understand the difference between tax planning and tax preparation. Tax planning ensures that you keep the majority of your wealth, rather than being penalized for success.  Ultimately, a tax return should be the result of careful financial planning and sound financial advice.

Tax Planning and Wealth Management

The tax team at Gilman Ciocia can work with you to create a total wealth management plan that includes both tax planning and financing advice. By using our unique, team based approach we can help you prepare a wealth management playbook that will grow with you and put you in a position to respond to changes in the market as well as changes in your life. Our certified public accounting, tax, legal and wealth management professionals can also help you arrange financing and insurance options that can help you manage cash flow and grow your net worth.

Our tax team also offers several yearly seminars and workshops on important tax issues; keeping you on top of key changes to the tax code. We encourage you to attend one of our seminars or set up a call with our tax team to start crafting a tax plan that will help you manage your wealth effectively.

Our Team

Our goal is to partner with you to understand your total financial picture and help you structure your assets and liabilities optimally. We provide our clients with a tax team that includes an accountant, tax advisor and lender so that we can answer all of your questions and respond as needed to any situation.

Create your tax plan with us.